SEO is quickly becoming key to a successful business

Startup businesses and established businesses alike are finding it necessary to have a website that is serviced by an SEO professional.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the act of optimizing a website so that search engines know your site, trust your site, and bring your site up when potential customers are searching for relevant keywords. This is by no means an easy process nor is it a guaranteed service, however if done properly, SEO will deliver results and continue to generate more results as time goes by.

SEO is divided into two categories. BLACK HAT and WHITE HAT methods. Generally these nicknames are used to distinguish two styles of getting your site to the top of search engine rankings. BLACK HAT methods generally give quick results but not long term results, as black hat methods are banned and not allowed by search engines. Fly by night SEO companies or non-established SEO companies will generally provide Black Hat SEO services to show quick results and generate quick cash for themselves. They give the client a false sense of results. Within a few weeks or months, your site will vanish from search engine result pages and the domain name and IP address of your website are tarnished.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for good quality SEO services. SEO is very time consuming, requires a great deal of knowledge and reliable SEO professionals have long term customers which realize the importance of SEO services.  If someone is promising you results for half the price of other providers, it is clear that something is not legitimate.  During the first few months of an SEO campaign, an SEO professional spends between 50-60  hours per month getting the site optimized. This includes title tags, keywords, competition research, social media profile creation, review site profile creation, graphic creation, blog creation along with article submission services, press releases, quality backlink creation, social bookmarking, site submisssion services and more.

At Aberrant Interactive we have SEO down to a science. We stay up to date with Google Updates, we understand what shows results. We divide our services into ONSITE SEO and OFFSITE SEO. None is more important than the other. While we tend to do ONSITE first, OFFSITE is just as important. Giving your site a good reputation with quality, relevant back-links is CRITICAL to your websites success.


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